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Herbs are Nature's Medicine . . . .

This website is designed (and consistently updated) especially for you, to be a 
source of information,  education, and a resource for methods 
and tools for healing and 
balancing our mental, 
spiritual and emotional bodies.

Welcome,  and Be Well. 

                     . . . . Make Nature's Medicine Your Own!

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We are like the shining sun, and our sickness, like passing clouds which appear to extinguish the sun’s rays. Our original nature is wholeness: HEALTH. 

We are perfect, infinite energy.

Then where do our illnesses come from?  All illness of the mind, body or emotions is an effect of our ignorance of this perfect Self, causing us to invite our disease by treating our body carelessly and by burdening our mind and nervous system with negative thoughts and emotions, allowing the limiting ego to rule us with its fluctuating anger, greed, and deceit. We abuse our body with too much of the wrong kinds of food and too little rest and exercise. 

The same way the Creator gave us 12 organs and various systems to make sure our bodies function in accord with the Universe to facilitate a harmonious life on this physical plane, S/he also gave us the 7 Energy Centers (chakras or hubs of spinning energy) in our body to connect us to the spiritual and emotional plane.  Each 'chakra' serves a particular purpose for our spiritual growth and physical stability.  Just like energy that flows through our physical body – when it is off, we feel sick, tired or out-of-sorts.  When the 'chakra energy' doesn't flow harmoniously through our bodies, we feel insecure, disconnected and emotionally imbalanced.

Just as you can use exercise and alternative healing methods, herbs and vitamins to heal and restore energy and health to the physical body, you can use chi exercise, meditation and alternative healing methods and crystals to heal and restore energy and health to the spiritual and emotional bodies.

I do a lot of work with healing crystals and stones for the chakras, and make custom jewelry to restore balance to the emotional bodies.  I took advantage of this past 3-day weekend and did a lot of work with red coral and turquoise, some pieces of turquoise with lapis lazuli and carnelian, and another with turquoise and black tourmaline.


"True Spirituality
is much more than what you believe
and why you believe it.

Your  Chakras Ascending

True spirituality is about how you live;
it's about how well you serve;
it's about your ability to listen;
it's about your ability to lead;
it's about your ability to heal;
it's about being willing to step into the unknown!
It's about falling down 9 times
but getting up 10 times to try it all over again.

It's about love!
It's about finding the light within
and sharing it in a world that
often retreats into darkness."

                                        James Weeks/Across The King's River

"True spirituality should remind you of your own divinity. And the light that you came to earth with. How can you grow in Spirit if you're not even aware
of your own light? The raw, unique, potential that you have to bring
healing, or art, or literature, or leadership, or medicine, or music,
or dance, or laughter, or science, or justice, or nourishment
to our world using YOUR light and the light
that flows to you from the Creator?
May your light never go dim!
May you trust your light!
We need your light.
So bring your light."


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HERBAL HONEY .... by the spoon or as a tea!!!

They are excellent alternatives to over the counter cough medicines, as they contain only natural herbs in a carefully selected honey. 
You can simply take by the spoonful, or add to a cup of
boiling water, for a delicious cup of healing herbal tea.

There are four formulas for you to enjoy - the third and
fourth: Eucalyptus Mint-Tea
and (Ayurvedic)
3 FRUIT TEA (Triphala) coming soon.

6oz - $9 / 12oz - $15

(You can purchase online or
at our Monthly Healing Marketplace [see flyer under Calendar of Events]


The SACRED WOMB REGIMEN was created to heal our wounded wombs.

It consists of three items: a tea, douche and suppository herb clay.

You may not need the entire regimen. Depending on how severe

your symptoms, pain, excess bleeding and/or other

symptoms, will determine whether you choose only

the douche, just the tea or the entire regimen.


Within the Universe,
at every level, all things vibrate.
Only the differing  frequencies of the
vibrations prevent us from perceiving the
realities we call invisible.
Amadou Hanpate Ba

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Free samples of the whole-body detoxifier HARITAKI WATER!!!
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Welcome to your personal website for
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Herbs are Nature's Medicine . . .

. . . Make Nature's Medicine Your Own!
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